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I'm a San Diego FileMaker Developer with an extreme passion for innovation, creativity, and problem solving. Software Development is more than just something that pays the bills to me. It's a lifestyle. There is not a moment outside of work where I'm not thinking about some new project to build, some way to enhance a solution, or some way to optimize an integration I've done. I look at non-FIleMaker applications and ask myself, "How can I build that?" Trust me, you can ask my partner. I'm sure she's tired of hearing me talk her ear off about my new ideas...

With so much enthusiasm for FIleMaker Development, it only makes sense that I use it to share my experience and ideas to the community.

This site is meant to be my portfolio, but also my repository of knowledge to help current and future developers see how the FileMaker platform can be more than just building a database, or a sugar-coated Excel sheet. I hope you find my site to be helpful and worth the few minutes I've stolen from your day.

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My Journey

It's only been a few years since I graduated from University, but here's where I am today. Here's a quick review of my work experience since then.

  • 2015

    My Adventure Begins

    Productive Computing, Inc. was kind enough to offer my early employment as I finished my final semester at CSUSM as a entry level developer. I had never touched FileMaker before, but jumped in the deep end right away.

  • Summer 2015

    Graduation and Employment!

    Summer 2015 - I take my last steps on CSUSM as an undergraduate and emerge with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and get hired full time as a Database Design Specialist on PCI's Products Team. Hooray!

  • 2016

    Some New Hats

    After some time developing our plug-in demo files, taking over developmment of the Core4 CRM solution and building a couple FileMaker plug-ins, I became the primary Hosting Engineer for our FileMaker Hosting Service, managing over 200 hosting clients.

  • 2017

    But wait, there's more!

    At this point I was the Lead Developer on PCI's FileMaker-based solutions ( Core4, Core4, Vessel Service Solutions ), the Lead Hosting Engineer managing both FileMaker and QuickBooks Hosting services, and the Lead Developer of PCI's internal system.

  • 2018

    Transition to Lead Developer

    At this point, I felt I had peaked and needed some new challeneges. I was promoted to Level 3 Software Engineer on PCI's Custom Development Team which would bring me opportunity to experience new solutions, new challeneges, and expand my software development career.

  • 2019+

    What's Next?

    Big plans ahead! Stay tuned!


Check out some of my projects and demos. Free to download and use. Fully unlockable so you can see how it was done.

Twilio API Demo

Solution Demo File

GoT API Demo

Solution Demo File

Bug Tracker

Solution Demo File

My Hobbies

Outside of FileMaker development, you can find me wasting my life away enjoying some of these hobbies.

But I'm sure my header image hints at one hobby. (kappa)

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